If you would like to become a member of Swedish Society for Neuroscience…

Becoming a member of the Swedish Society for Neuroscience means that you would automatically be registered as a member of FENS  http://www.fens.org/.

Membership in the Swedish Society for Neuroscience is free of charge and entitles you to the same privileges all other FENS members enjoy.

If you wish to apply for membership, please contact the person in charge at your institution:

Karolinska Institute: Dr Lennart Brodin, Lennart.Brodin@ki.se

Linköping University: Dr Anders Blomquist, anders.blomqvist@ibk.liu.se

Lund University: Dr Tomas Björklund, Tomas.Bjorklund@med.lu.se

The Sahlgrenska Academy: Dr Ingela Hammar, Ingela.Hammar@gu.se

Umeå University: Dr Roland Johansson, Roland.S.Johansson@physiol.umu.se

Uppsala University: Dr Finn Hallböök, Finn.Hallbook@neuro.uu.se


Our membership register will include only your name, e-mail address and your institution's address - by sending your application you therefore agree to us storing this data according to the Swedish PUL regulation.


For general inquiries regarding the society please contact Paulina.Pettersson@med.lu.se